beach californiaبيجامه اولادي اطفال نص كم وشورت

beach californiaبيجامه اولادي اطفال نص كم وشورت


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"جهز أطفالك الصغار لقضاء يوم مشمس على الشاطئ بهذه البيجامات المستوحاة من كاليفورنيا. تتميز هذه البيجامات باللون الأزرق الداكن وتصميم نصف كم وسروال قصير، وهي مثالية لإبقاء أطفالك منتعشين ومرتاحين. متوفرة بمقاسات 4 و6 و8 و10، هذه البيجامات ضرورية لأي عائلة محبة للشاطئ. أضف لمسة من الساحل الغربي إلى روتين وقت النوم الخاص بك مع بيجامات الأطفال الشاطئية هذه.

How to exchange the product?

1-Write the phone number or email from which you made the order

2-Write the order number

3- After your order appears, mark the items that you want to exchange or return.

4- If you want to exchange, choose Exchange

5- If you want to get your money back, choose Refund

6- In the case of exchange, make a new order, and you must write in the notes in the shopping cart “special instructions for the seller” that this order is an exchange, otherwise we will ship the order to you without receiving the product that you want to replace

Before replacing, make sure that the product is intact and can be replaced

Exchange or return is allowed within 14 days of receipt

Underwear and the like are not allowed to be exchanged or returned

Exchange or return is allowed within 14 days of receipt

It is not allowed to exchange or return underwear, towels, leggings, women's bermudas, internal heating sets and the like.

Products purchased through the offer cannot be exchanged or returned except in cases of manufacturing defects

Note: The company bears shipping costs only if we send a wrong product, otherwise, the customer bears shipping costs when making an exchange or return

Orders paid through Valeo cannot be refunded (they can only be exchanged for the same value

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